The Best Way to Get Started with Kubernetes

I'm going to share with you some of the best resources out there for learning Kubernetes. Take a look!

I'm going to keep this short. The single most useful thing in my Kubernetes journey has been a set of courses on Udemy. Here they are:

Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) Training
<p>A <strong>Kubernetes Certification </strong>can take your career to a whole new level. Learn, practice, and get certified on Kubernetes with <strong>hands-on labs right in your browser</strong>.</p><p><em>“I passed the exam and certified CKAD now. I didn’t passed at the first attempt. Second time…
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Practice Exam Tests
<p><strong>*** Updated for latest CKA (2020) 1.19 version of Exam ***<br></strong><br>Kubernetes is one of the highest trending technology in Cloud Computing as of today. Kubernetes had the fastest growth in job searches, over 173% from a year before as reported recently by a survey conducted by Ind…

I don't have any affiliation. I just want to share the wealth. If you're totally new to Kubernetes, then the CKAD course will be the better choice for you. If you have a little experience with Kubernetes, then the CKA might suit you well, assuming you want to become an administrator and/or know the deep internals of Kubernetes.

And if you have any questions or are stuck on something, please feel free to reach out to me directly or post here in the comments. I'd love to help!

Happy Kuberneting!