How to Get Started with Kubernetes

When getting started with Kubernetes, I was extremely lost. I tried jumping straight into the Kubernetes documentation, but I wasn't able to make sense of it all and where to begin. It's okay if that's where you are – that's totally normal. So, then, what is an effective way to get started and up to speed with Kubernetes quickly? Let's take a look.

Once I realized that my progress was stalled, I decided to turn to learning platforms such as Udemy to see what I could find. I had a friend recommend to me a course on Udemy that he had previously gone through to prepare for his Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) exam. And here it is: The CKAD prep course from Mumshad Mannambeth. Once I started the course, I didn't turn back. It was unquestionably the single most useful resource I came across. It is extremely valuable for Developers and similarly-related jobs, but if you're going to be administering a cluster, I recommend you go straight for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam since it contains all of the same content and more.

In his course, Mumshad takes his students through everything they need to know to pass the CKAD exam. This will give you a drastic jump-start on Kubernetes and quickly familiarize you with the concepts of Kubernetes and how to reliably run workloads in a cluster. If you take the course, I promise you won't be disappointed. It goes on sale regularly for around $10 to $15, so if you can wait a week or two, it'll end up going on sale if it's not today.

Happy Kuberneting!